Francine Brondex – Obsolete facilities: a collective human adventure and a unifying solution to military and tourist waste in the high mountains

Francine Brondex

FranceBiologist and ecologist, member of Mountain Wilderness

Francine Brondex is a biologist and ecologist. Fuelled by a passion for imparting and sharing knowledge, Francine chose to enter the teaching profession. Over the last 5 years her focus has shifted towards communication and raising awareness of science and our heritage. When she is not in the mountains, she creates exhibitions, discovery trails, editorial projects and much more, so as to educate, promote and raise awareness. Having grown up near Mont Blanc, she developed a taste for the mountains and joined the Mountain Wilderness movement as a child. Whenever possible, she takes part in the association’s activities as a highly versatile volunteer. Through the “Installations obsolètes” (“Obsolete Facilities”) initiative, she and many others help to restore the natural beauty of the mountains.