Welcome to the Sustainable Summits Initiative. We hope the following answers some of your questions. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

What are your primary activities?

The SSI supports, initiates and organizes a range of purposeful activities including international conferences, online discussion groups, technical papers, web site(s), and conference media scholarships.

Who is your primary contact?

For inquiries on programs, conferences, and communities of practice, please contact Roger Robinson at sustainable.summits@gmail.com

Where are you located?

The Sustainable Summits Initiative is an international consortium of volunteers from the United States, Canada, Nepal, New Zealand, France, and Switzerland that is endorsed by their respective alpine climbing associations.

Can you be more specific?

SSI’s current leadership and their alpine clubs include: John Bamford (New Zealand Alpine Club), John Cocks (NZAC), Ellen Lapham (American Alpine Club), Olivier Moret (Fédération française des clubs alpins et de montagne), and Roger Robinson (AAC).

Could my alpine club host a future Sustainable Summits Conference?

We’re currently booked through 2018, when our biennial conference will take place in Chamonix, France. If you’re interested in potentially hosting a future conference, let’s talk!

I’m involved with waste management in the backcountry. Do you have a community of practice?

We have a Goggle Group called Managing Human Waste in the Wild. We’re interested in best practices and the latest research in remote areas worldwide. The group originated from our 2010 Exit Strategies conference. We field questions and try to provide answers from the many experts who are members. To request membership, visit http://groups.google.com/group/managing-human-waste-in-the-wild. For immediate questions contact Roger Robinson at mhw.wild@gmail.com.