Ellen Lapham – Is success assured?

Ellen Lapham

USAChair of the American Climber Science Program

Ellen Lapham co-founded the Sustainable Summits Initiative. Her passion is the intersection of man and environment, specifically how in a resources demanding world we do not destroy our natural assets. She received the David Brower Award for Conservation Leadership and as a Director, led the American Alpine Club’s Conservation Committee. Ellen Chairs the American Climber Science Program (Climberscience.org), carrying out vital field research the high ranges. Ellen prefers rock and ice in remote places: she climbed on Mount Everest’s north side in 1986 and 1989 and skied across northern Ellesmere Island. She is a backcountry skier, mountain biker, and SCUBA diver. Her professional focus is high tech new ventures strategy. She holds an MBA from Stanford University, a Harvard Law School Certificate in Negotiations, and a Bach. Industrial Design. Ellen resides in the mountains of Colorado and California. Ellen’s goal is to have her actions result in a sustainable world for her grandchildren.