Irena Mrak – Human impacts at the highest elevations: the case of the Baltoro Glacier

Irena Mrak

SloveniaMountain geographer, Professor at the University of Velenje

Irena Mrak is a mountain geographer and a mountaineer – Associate Professor at the Environmental Protection College in Velenje, Slovenia. Her research is focused on environmental impacts of human activities in the World’s highest areas, predominantly in Karakorum and Hindukush. Her long term research is related to Baltoro Glacier in the heart of the Karakorum – she is investigating its environmental state as well as the social and economic aspects of tourism in its wider area. At home she is conducting researches in mountain conservation areas and is a lecturer at the Environmental College in Velenje, Slovenia. In her mountaineering career she is devoted to pure and ethical alpine style ascents to highest elevations.