Philippe Bourdeau – The dynamics and future of high mountain activities in the Alps

Philippe Bourdeau

FranceProfessor of Geography at the Grenoble Institute of Alpine Geography

Philippe is professor at the Institute of Alpine Geography (University Grenoble-Alpes), where he runs a Masters 2 course entitled “Tourism, Innovation and Transition”. He is a member of the PACTE-CNRS joint-research unit and the Innovation & Mountain Territories Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx). His focus is on the transformations that mountain tourism is undergoing in a context of cultural change and in the midst of a climate, energy and economic crisis. His research revolves around creativity in mountain sports professions, the impact of climate change on mountaineering, and dissidence in the sphere of recreational activities. He is the scientific coordinator of the Refuges Sentinelles programme, which is geared towards developing an observation process centred on mountain refuges and led from the perspective of social science and nature in partnership with professionals.