Hugues Chardonnet – Sharing the high mountains with the poorest populations

Hugues Chardonnet

FranceFounder of the 82-4000 Solidaires association, mountain guide

Hugues Chardonnet was born into a family of sea lovers. It was thanks to the generosity of friends that he discovered the high mountains in his childhood. This exceptional environment was to touch him at least as much as his quest for the meaning of life. Growing up in a Christian culture of sharing and universal solidarity, he soon came to love discovering new mountain horizons in the company of others. This passion naturally led him to become a guide. As a doctor, he combined his medical knowledge with spiritual and biblical training, giving rise to gospel-mountaineering excursions. This dual approach to the mountain experience sparked a sense of political conscience, recognition of a cruel injustice in our society. With other professional and amateur mountaineers, he set about sharing the high altitude environment with some of the poorest of the poor, believing that everyone has the right to achieve a summit in his lifetime. This unusual experience led to the creation of the “82-4000 Solidaires” association, based on the universal virtue of seeking to share the best of what we have with those who have not and the right to leisure activities for all.