Jacques Félix Faure – Refuges: joyful frugality and simplicity to generate social interaction

Jacques Félix Faure

FranceArchitect, designer and builder of mountain refuges in the French Alps

Jacques Félix-Faure is an architect and teacher. He is also a member of the Mountain Masters team at the ENSAG school of architecture. He founded Atelier17C because he believes in teamwork and the importance of sharing skills. His work focuses on reconciling man and nature, particularly in mountainous areas. Driven by a passion for mountains, he designs and builds mountain refuges in the French Alps, including those of L’Aigle and Le Presset. These refuges are unique locations that facilitate mountain exploration. They are an expression of joyful frugality, generating social interaction through simplicity. Currently in Grenoble, Atelier17C is designing France’s largest social housing block to feature a passive full-timber frame.