Dave Bamford – Managing the impacts of rapid tourism growth in New Zealand’s Alpine National Parks

Dave Bamford

New ZealandSustainable tourism advisor, Sustainable tourism strategist

Dave Bamford is a New Zealand sustainable tourism advisor who has worked in national parks and tourism planning and development over the last 40 years. Bamford has worked and climbed in some of the big mountain ranges of the world. He is at the forefront of addressing tourism pressures in the New Zealand mountain regions. New Zealand has seen considerable tourism growth over the last five years from 2.2 million to 3.8 million visitors per annum and much of this growth is focused on NZ’s mountain national parks. Bamford has been involved with Sustainable Summits since 2014 and was co-coordinator for the NZ-hosted 2016 conference. He is a past president of the New Zealand Alpine Club.