Scott Massey – The Professional Mountain Guide as a Partner for Education and Resource Protection

Watch Scott Massey’s presentation below:

The American Mountain Guides Association’s push to set the highest standards in our mountain areas. Mountain guides in the U.S. have historically been viewed as “commercial users,” working in an industry with few unifying standards that support common best practices with regards to safety protocols. This also extends to a historic lack of best practices for environmental stewardship and wilderness ethics. Since the AMGA’s founding in 1979, its goal has been to unify the guiding profession and set standards for public safety and resource stewardship. Rather than endorse the common view of mountain guides as merely another type of “commercial user,” the AMGA supports the development of 21st century policies and paradigms that reflect the changing nature of how individuals are introduced to the outdoors. The AMGA also works to build the crucial partnership between the professional user and land manager that fosters public safety and public education for conservation and resource stewardship.

A former outdoor educator and AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide, Scott is the Advocacy Director for the AMGA. He works with land managers and public officials alike to promote the value of professional guiding.

View Scott’s slides below: