Roger Robinson: Human waste pack-out systems in high mountain regions

Roger Robinson

USASemi-retired mountaineering ranger for Denali National Park

Roger has been involved with clean climb efforts on Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) since 1975. In 1980 he began working as a mountaineering ranger for Denali National Park. Since this early period he has constantly been incorporating his ideals for clean climbing and Leave No Trace principles into the Park’s mountaineering education program. Realizing there was an international lack in networking and continued gross pollution by users in remote places, Roger organized and co-chaired the first sustainable conference in 2010 conference hosted by the AAC in Golden, Colorado. In 2014, he co-chaired the second Sustainable Summits conference focussed on sustainable practices, planning and access, and reducing user impact. In 2016, he was involved with the steering committee for the New Zealand Sustainable Summits conference. In 2017, he helped initiate the website. This site is the “go to” on all the previous presentations from 2010, 2014 and 2016.