Phunuru Sherpa & Conrad Anker – The Khumbu Climbing School as a Model for Mountaineering Leadership

Watch Phunuru Sherpa and Conrad Anker’s presentation below:

Phunuru Sherpa and Conrad Anker
The Khumbu Climbing School: A Model for Mountaineering Leadership.

The Khumbu Climbing School (KCS) is an annual vocational training and instructional program for Nepali climbers. The school is designed to increase the competency of Nepali people who climb and/or work in the high mountains. Everest is increasingly a crowded mountain. With traffic jams, elevated tensions, and waste issues in a fragile environment, Everest reflects many of the challenges humans face in the coming decades. The big question for Everest is carrying capacity. Once this is agreed upon, the next steps can be implemented. What can we learn from mountain tourism on Denali and how the National Park Service regulate use?

Phunuru Sherpa has summited Everest four times and has been a Khumbu Climbing School Instructor for five years. He has also been an exchange ranger at Denali National Park.

View Phunuru and Conrad’s slides below: