Marta Gavalgno – Climatic extreme events in the Aosta Valley

Marta Gavalgno

ItalyBiometeorologist, ARPA, Aosta Valley

Marta Galvagno works as a biometeorologist at the Environmental Protection Agency of Aosta Valley, Italy. She has a Msc in Biology and a PhD in Environmental Sciences. Her interests encompasses different topics of mountain ecology, from plant physiology to biogeochemical cycles. She works with fluxes of carbon and water at the biosphere-atmosphere interface. Since ecosystems have the potential of mitigating human-induced climate change, she studies the impacts on the carbon balance of pastures and forests, and its interaction with land use in the Alps. Her research involves different approaches: eddy covariance, field observations, remote sensing and modeling. With her group she collaborates to monitor climate change impacts on glaciers, permafrost and snow of Aosta Valley.