Everest Knot Panel Discussion

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Panel: Conrad Anker, Melissa Arnott, Dr. Markus Hallgren, John Harlin, Dawa Steven Sherpa, Mike Gauthier (moderator).
The Everest Knot
Social and economic issues have emerged at the forefront of mountain areas. What needs to be changed and does the Everest region provide a working example? Big peaks and their lower flanks inspire us to set lofty goals. Many people build their livelihoods there, and many more come for challenge and adventure. Yet across our globe the changing high elevation climate and increasing human impact now threaten this living and business model. Mount Everest, an icon—and exemplar—of these stresses, can also be our inspiration for global actions to preserve and protect the places we love to climb. The Everest Knot brought together international thought leaders and activists. They laid out ideas and actions that can result in effective adaptation to social, economic, and environmental challenges. If we succeed on Mount Everest, we can take that learning to summits worldwide.
Sustainable Summits Initiative