Blaise Agresti – How has marketing and advertising by outdoor brands transformed the way in which activities are practised and represented?

Blaise Agresti

FranceMountain rescue and crisis management expert, mountain guide

Blaise Agresti is known as an expert for Mountain Rescue and Crisis management. For 20 years, he was in charge of several operational units as the Mountain Rescue Platoon in Chamonix and the National Mountain Training Center. Chief of operations during different disasters, he was a coordinator for emergency and medical support. Graduated from Saint-Cyr Military Academy and War College in Paris, he was also appointed as International Project Manager in charge of deploying a program to reinforce the Afghan National Police skills. He also built different international mountain rescue cooperations (China, India, Nepal…). Global Sales Director for Petzl Brand for 2 years, he is now starting a new challenge as co-founder of Mountain Path, an experiential management school.