Robin McNeill – The Role of Volunteers

Watch Robin McNeill’s talk below:

Robin McNeill is a keen tramper and mountaineer and has a strong interest in management of public conservation lands. He was appointed to Southland Conservation Board 2003 – 2013, and was Federated Mountain Clubs President 2012‐2016. Robin has made major contributions to New Zealand backcountry literature as Editor of “Moir’s Guide South”, 6th and 7th editions, author of “Safety in the Mountains” 11th edition, and as highly popular contributor ‘Uncle Jacko’ in the FMC Bulletin. Robin has a strong background in remote and rural telecommunications and space ground segment engineering. He designed and built telecommunications networks in both of New Zealand’s remaining dependencies and New Zealand, between the Equator and the South Pole: Scott Base (78°S), Tokelau (8°S) and Milford Sound (45°S). He designed and built European Space Agency’s ATV down‐range station at Awarua, and expanded it to host a number of ground stations for LEOPs and satellite operations for a number of spaceflight operators.

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