Tetsuya Hanamura – Environmental Management on Mt. Fuji and Mountains in Japan

Watch Tetsuya Hanamura’s presentation below:

Tetsuya Hanamura
Environmental Management on Mt. Fuji and Mountains in Japan.

Declared a World Cultural Heritage site in 2013, Japan’s Mt Fuji is a sacred place for worship and a source of artistic inspiration worldwide. In 2013, some 300,000 people climbed Mt. Fuji during the two months of July and August. The scale of such impact is a huge challenge. Dr. Hanamura described mountain management for this large numbers of visitors, including trash minimization and mountain toilet problems. He also described environmental practices in other Japanese mountains, including garbage clean up, human waste management, and the protection of alpine flowers and animals.

Dr. Hanamura is Vice President, International Relations, and Editor of the monthly magazine of the Japan Workers Alpine Federation (JWAF) which has 20,000 members. He is also a Member of the Coordination Committee for Mountain Conservation, consisting of seven mountain associations in Japan, and was a member of the drafting committee of the JWAF Declaration on the Preservation of Nature that came into effect in 2006. He received his MS Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley and his doctorate from Kyoto University and was Professor of Civil Engineering at Okayama (National) University from 2000-2009.

View Tetsuya’s slides below:

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